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Dec 13, 2019

Learn how to find commercial applications for artificial intelligence, how to scale a startup and attract high-profile customers as a new entrepreneur. 
Professor Ajay Agrawal interviews Ron Glozman about how he has used AI to build better Insurance products and solutions. Ajay Agrawal is Academic Director at Next Canada and the Geoffrey Taber Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Professor at the Rotman School of Management. Ajay taught Ron how to launch and scale a business while completing Next 36 in 2015. Today, Ron is CEO and Founder at Chisel AI and Ajay sits on Chisel's board of directors as a trusted advisor. They create solutions to allow insurance brokers and carriers to automate time consuming and error prone back office tasks and help them save 80% or more in operating costs. Listen to learn more about how Ron got to where he is today and what he's learned about himself as a founder along the way.